Monday, 1 February 2010

This is my final magazine cover.
I have chose the colour scheme of yellow as it is both a male and female colour.
I have an image of the main model on the right hand side, this image overlays the title (this is a common convention of magazines) - and over the top of the main image i have the hook story line 'Toni. It was very stupid and i know it will NEVER happen again'
It also includes a price and a bar code, which all magazines should consist of.
I have other hook story lines so people would know what else is included in the magazine.
It also says 'FREE DOWNLOADS TO HOT NEW TRACKS!' - I decided to put this on my cover so that people who notice it would go online and download tracks for free.
I also added a little list of other celebrity names who are included, this way people would buy the magazine and i would have a wider audience range - this is also because my magazine is for males and females.

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